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Batman: Arkham City ist ein erschienenes Videospiel für PlayStation 3, Xbox , Windows, macOS und Wii U. Es ist der direkte Nachfolger des Spiels Batman: Arkham Asylum und wie dieser dem Action-Adventure-Genre zuzuordnen. Publisher ist. Quincy Sharp, in Batman: Arkham Asylum noch Leiter der namensgebenden Anstalt, ist mittlerweile Bürgermeister von Gotham City. Wegen der im Vorgänger​. Batman: Arkham City ist ein Action-Adventure von Rocksteady Studios und die Fortsetzung des Hier findest du alle Infos zum Action-Adventurespiel Batman: Arkham City von Rocksteady Studios für PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox , Wii U: Release. Get Batman: Arkham City and all DLC for one low price with the release of the GOTY Edition!

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Get Batman: Arkham City and all DLC for one low price with the release of the GOTY Edition! Batman: Arkham City immer aktuell: Alle Infos zu Demo, Systemanforderungen, Tests, Release-Termin, Cheats und Downloads bei PC Games Hardware. Batman: Arkham City - [PC] - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen!

Strange is aware of Batman's true identity, making Batman "vulnerable and exposed in a way that he has never been before", according to Hill.

He noted that Strange is a character new to many players but that his backstory and character are detailed throughout the game.

Senior concept artist Kan Muftic explained: "Our vision of Robin is the one of a troubled young individual that is calm and introverted at times, but very dangerous and aggressive if provoked.

The shaved head is inspired by cage fighters, because we thought that Robin might be doing that in his spare time to keep him on his toes.

Still, we kept all the classic trademarks of Robin's appearance, such as the red and yellow colors of his outfit, the cape and the mask.

Rocksteady intended for Batman, Catwoman, and Robin to offer three different playing experiences. The developers believed that providing a small part of each villain's story rather than focusing on a select few allowed the player to meet many more characters and effectively conveyed the feeling of being in a superprison filled with supervillains.

Warner Bros. The developers had considered adding a multiplayer element to the game, but ultimately decided against it. According to Hill, "If we use all of the energy that is required to create multiplayer and instead focus this on the single player, would that deliver a better overall game?

Variety was added to the city itself, as certain areas were designed around the villains that control that particular territory.

To keep the environments interesting, base color schemes such as Mr Freeze's ice-themed area, Joker's fire-themed steel mill, and Poison Ivy's jungle-themed area were populated with contrasting elements: for example, the steel mill uses large, white clown faces to contrast the oranges and reds used throughout.

The game's release was accompanied by two albums of music released by WaterTower Music. The album contains 11 original songs inspired by the game from mainstream artists including Daughtry , Panic!

An extra song was made available via the Collector's edition of the album, [] [] and the Deluxe edition included a portion of Arundel's original score.

Arkham City ' s marketing campaign was designed to reach an audience outside of superhero fans and appeal to consumers who are attracted to games like the first-person shooter series Call of Duty.

Black-and-white photographs of iconic personalities like inventor Steve Jobs and actor James Dean served as inspiration and a basis for the final marketing campaign used in advertisements and the game's cover art.

The imagery, highlighted with blood and bathed in light was considered to move away from the classic superhero image and refocus on Batman's humanity.

The black and white campaign was featured on magazine covers and was targeted towards approximately 15 million consumers across a variety of social media and Warner Bros.

By April , three gameplay trailers had gained approximately 6 million views. A six-issue, limited monthly comic series, also titled Batman: Arkham City was released on May 11, The series bridges the plot between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

The remaining copies of Arkham City could be purchased at the event, unautographed. Australian retailers EB Games and Game broke the official release date two days early, selling the game on October Defeating enemies earns points that can be used to upgrade Batman's stats or unlock gadgets or costumes.

Additionally, both games include all previously released downloadable content, and feature improved graphics, upgraded models and environments, and improvements in the lighting, effects and shaders for both games.

Batman's sidekick Robin Tim Drake [43] was made available as a playable character for use in challenge maps, with his own set of combat moves and gadgets.

In the United Kingdom, the Robin Edition was announced, available exclusively through retailers Game and Gamestation, containing the game and all of the Robin pre-order content including the playable character, skins and challenge maps.

A bundle containing these items and a Kinect controller was also released. A Game of the Year edition was announced on April 23, , containing the game and all of the released downloadable content DLC.

A free download of the animated movie Batman: Year One was also included with versions released in the United States and Canada. New purchases of the game for Xbox and PlayStation 3 are provided with a unique code that unlocks the "Catwoman" DLC, enabling a series of missions for Catwoman, with unique weapons and moves.

It was later announced that pre-owned copies purchased from GameStop would contain the necessary unlock code.

Additional DLC packs were later released. The "Nightwing" pack, released on November 1, , includes Batman's ally Nightwing as a playable character for the game's challenge maps, an Animated Series alternative skin for the character, [45] and two more challenge maps: "Wayne Manor" and "Main Hall".

On October 23, , an official map app was made available to purchase on the iOS App Store that contains maps for Arkham City , the locations of in-game collectibles, and the solutions to the Riddler's riddles.

The campaign features a new story, new areas, new enemies, and both Batman and Robin as playable characters. The story takes place two weeks after the events of Arkham City.

The mega prison has since been evacuated, but Quinn returns and sets up in Joker's former base. Batman: Arkham City received critical acclaim.

Game Informer ' s Andrew Reiner awarded the game a perfect 10 score, labeling it "the best licensed video game ever made". Reiner said that the game could be the biggest and "most enjoyable timesink" of , and concluded that the game surpassed every standard set by Batman: Arkham Asylum "in every way and stands tall as one of Batman's greatest moments.

McElroy was also critical of the Riddler challenges, stating that they were "frustrating" when the player lacks the necessary items to complete them.

Eurogamer 's Christian Donlan considered that the game lacked the same "surprise" as its predecessor, but praised the overall improvement of bosses, animations and the scope of activities available.

Donlan said that the game environment was intricate and very detailed, and the abilities provided for its traversal made it "hard not to feel like the world's greatest detective, on patrol".

Miller said that the Catwoman missions were a fun change of pace from the main gameplay, and that he "adored" the option to replay the game with unlocked abilities and more difficult enemies.

The Daily Telegraph ' s Tom Hoggins praised the game's sense of progress in discovering and mastering the character abilities, and the "show-stopping brutality" of the improved combat system.

Hoggins highlighted the Catwoman campaign as a "delight" and fitting lithe contrast to Batman's strength, but lamented the campaign's short length.

Carsillo also said it was the "clearly inferior version" of the game due to glitches and "tacked on gimmicks". Barnett added that it was "on par, if not better, visually", than its counterparts.

Miller said that it "is what downloadable content should be", but criticized the lack of variety in the missions and the lack of conclusion to some plot threads.

Donlan said that Robin was "enormous fun to play", but criticized the DLC for not offering anything not present in the main game.

Totilo said it presented an emotionless, inconclusive journey, composed of unused material from the main game.

Arkham City is one of the fastest selling games in history. During the first week of sales in the United Kingdom, Batman: Arkham City became the number-one selling game on all available formats, replacing FIFA 12 atop the charts for PlayStation 3, [] Xbox , [] and all-format [] games.

It became the biggest UK game launch in the history of Warner Bros. The Daily Telegraph awarded the game Best Original Score Nick Arundel and Game of the Year, with a statement that said: "as a video game, it's a magnificent piece of work, but it also shines as a unique, lovingly-crafted slice of Batman fiction.

Games Game of the Year awards. According to Metacritic, the PlayStation 3 version of the game was the highest-rated game of ; and across all formats, the game was tied with the role-playing game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as the highest-rated game of Batman: Arkham City appeared on several lists of the top video games of , including these: number 1 by E!

It's also hard to imagine a better video game in general. During launch week, issues were found to exist in the code-restricted content.

Some customers discovered the code to be missing from their copy, preventing them from obtaining the Catwoman story missions. In early November , Rocksteady confirmed that it was investigating reports by numerous users that save files for the Xbox version of the game were being erased without prompting, resulting in players losing their progress and being unable to complete the game.

Set several years before the events of Arkham Asylum , Arkham Origins follows a younger and less experienced Batman on Christmas Eve on the streets of Gotham City as he faces off against eight deadly assassins.

Arkham Knight is set one year after the events of Arkham City and follows Batman as he confronts an assault on Gotham City by the Scarecrow , and his ally, the Arkham Knight.

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Scene: Opening. Hugo Strange : I feel I should thank you. Capturing Bruce Wayne is so much easier than Batman. And now that we have you, Protocol 10 is ready to begin.

It will be my legacy, a monument to your failure Batman : It was all a lie. There's nothing wrong with you.

But you of all people should know there's plenty wrong with me. Take my blood for example. I wish somebody would. This stuff is killing me.

Mr Freeze : It's over. That was all I could manufacture. Talia al Ghul : I had to save you. Batman : It was never you. Confusing, isn't it?

I know I'd want to know just what the hell is going on if I were you. Let's just say, at times like these it's important to keep up appearances.

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Gaming Bolt. Retrieved October 14, Retrieved October 8, Wayne News". Uncooked Media. December 21, October 17, Archived from the original on January 11, Retrieved January 11, Freeze tries to help Batman defeat Joker, hoping that he'll rescue Nora, by giving him an armament of freeze bombs he developed.

Unfortunately, on his way to Joker's hideout Vicki Vale 's news chopper is shot down by Joker, leaving her caught in a shootout between Joker and Penguin's thugs.

Batman easily rescues Vale and moves on, being informed by Joker that the attack was a distraction to buy Harley time to get back to base.

Strange claims that he failed to stop the spread of illegal firearms, which he provided, in the city and that the inmates are preparing an uprising.

Using this, Strange has gained permission to activate Protocol 10 in 30 minutes. Returning to Joker's office, Batman notices that Joker has apparently been completely cured.

Batman demands that Joker hand over the cure. Batman is able to defeat the others, and advances on Joker.

Suddenly, Talia interrupts the fight, and surprisingly offers to give Joker the secret of immortality and make him the new leader of the League of Assassins.

Intrigued, Joker agrees, but Talia plants one of Batman's tracking devices onto herself, subtly telling Batman to follow her lead. Meanwhile, across town, Catwoman and Poison Ivy are arguing.

Catwoman convinces Ivy to allow her to retrieve the plant from the confiscated goods vault. During the effort to break into the vault, Catwoman overhears Strange's plans to wipe out Arkham, and has apparently killed Batman.

Against her better judgement, Catwoman proceeds to rescue Batman with success. Once outside, Batman realizes that Protocol 10 is actually missile strikes against Arkham.

It was a ploy to gather every criminal in Gotham in one place and wipe them out. With it, he is able to infiltrate Wonder Tower.

Once inside, Strange contacts Batman over the PA system and says that the crime problem was his fault to begin with and his presence created an environment in which the criminal element has spiraled out of control, and there was never any way to truly rid Gotham of crime, until now.

Batman proceeds up Wonder Tower and eliminates Strange's personal guards before confronting him in his office. She succeeds, and Protocol 10 is halted.

At that moment, Strange activates "Protocol 11" with his dying breath. Suddenly, the tower begins exploding around them - Protocol 11 was a self-destruct sequence.

Once Batman recovers from the fall, he is contacted by Joker, who reveals that he has taken Talia hostage at the Monarch Theatre. Batman heads to the theatre and confronts Joker, demanding that he return Talia.

In turn, Joker, while holding Talia at gunpoint, demands that Batman give him the cure. Batman is confused at Joker's statement, as he is apparently healthy and had already stolen the cure.

At this point, Talia breaks free from Joker, then stabs him with her sword, seemingly killing him. She then reveals to Batman that she stole the cure from Harley Quinn.

However, realizing that it's never simple with the Joker, Batman begins to rethink all the strange occurrences throughout the night; a seemingly dead Joker dummy in a wheelchair, the two versions of the Joker card left in place of the cure, and a healthy Joker looking into a mirror that reflected a sickly Joker.

Connecting them all together, Batman realizes the truth: there were always two Jokers. Moments later, Talia is killed by the true Joker, who is indeed still very sick.

The seemingly dead doppelgänger then reveals himself to be none other than Clayface , who says that he agreed to impersonate Joker because it was "the role of a lifetime".

Batman then engages Clayface in a fight, with Batman able to slow Clayface down using the freeze bombs given to him by Mr.

After completely freezing Clayface, Batman seeming defeats him when he takes Talia's sword and cuts him into pieces.

However, Joker detonates explosives on the floor of the theatre, causing it to collapse, and bringing the fight into the room where the very Lazarus Pit that Joker had been looking for was located.

After a brutal fight, Batman finally manages to defeat Clayface for good, then retrieves the cure and drinks it, curing himself of the TITAN illness, keeping the other half needed to cure Joker and the rest of Gotham.

Joker then attempts to jump into the Lazarus Pit to claim immortality once and for all and become the new leader of the League of Assassins.

However, much to Joker's dismay, Batman throws the sword into the main generator, causing it to falter and knocking what's left of Clayface into the Pit.

The controls and remaining generators go critical as a result as Clayface's body matter contaminates the chemicals of the pit, resulting in an explosion that completely destroys the pit and most of the room.

Now desperate, Joker demands that Batman hand over the cure. Batman pauses for a moment, stating that, because of all the misery he has caused, all the lives he has either ended or ruined, and that no matter how many times he apprehended him, he would just escape and continue to cause more pain and misery; he felt that maybe Joker did deserve to die.

Joker desperately tries to take the cure by force, stabbing Batman in the arm. However, he inadvertently causes Batman to drop the vial, shattering it onto the floor.

Screaming in horror, Joker tries desperately to drink what is left of the now useless cure from the floor. Batman watches with pity, and states that, despite all the atrocities that Joker has committed, he still would have saved his life.

Laughing at the irony of the situation, Joker comments that actually was pretty funny. A stoic Batman picks up Joker's body and carries him out of Arkham City as the inmates and the other survivors of Protocol 10 watch.

Outside, Commissioner Gordon asks Batman what happened once he sees the Joker's corpse but Batman does not reply and merely lays down the Joker's body on the hood of a GCPD car before silently walking away.

Changes have been made to the combat system as well. Batman can now pull off double and even triple take downs.

He can also counter thrown objects by catching them and throwing back, and he can flip over an enemy and attack another in a fluid movement.

Beatdown- performed by pressing X and B or Square and Circle PS3 that unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks on his opponent.

A demonstrated use of this is to take down armored enemies. Batman also has combat abilities added in addition to the new movement abilities.

He can pull off a new move called Dive Bomb, Batman can drop from either a great height, or execute the maneuver mid glide, plummeting towards the ground to either reach his destination quicker, or make a dramatic entrance to a fight.

Rocksteady have confirmed that thugs will jump back in fear, and are not forced back by a form of shock-wave generated by Batman's impact.

As well as the Glide kick, Batman can perform and a throat slam by firing his grapple gun at an enemy whilst gliding, which fire Batman into his opponent, slamming them into the ground.

Batman will use the environment against his enemies, thanks to context sensitive animations Batman will slam thugs heads against walls if he is close enough.

You can employ Explosive Gel into combat, executing a quick flip, Batman can spray either the ground or an enemy, and detonate the gel at his leisure for explosive effect.

Batman's attacks can knock thugs into each other, potentially taking multiple enemies out at the same time. To combat a frequent problem of players simply leaving the mode on, and severely reducing the visual experience of the game, in Arkham City DV will highlight enemies and interactive objects in more detail and at greater range than before, though the environment will be very hard to distinguish, forcing players to use DV sparsely if they want to navigate effectively.

The standard Batarang remains the same as in Batman: Arkham Asylum. However, the Multi-Batarang option no longer exists.

Instead, hitting the Quickfire-Batarang button three times in quick succession will mimic the old Batarang attack from Arkham City' s predecessor.

Also returns from Arkham Asylum , the gel can be deployed in combat either against the environment, or onto an attacker.

As per usual, the Bat Claw can pull thugs towards Batman, who are then promptly finished off with some knockout medicine in the form of a brutal take down.

A new feature is that the Bat-Claw can be used to grab items like Riddler Trophies. In contrast to its predecessor, it can't be upgraded to the Ultra Bat-Claw, though this is not a huge loss as aspects of the environment do not call for such a gadget.

Batman's remote hacking device allows him to not only decode encrypted data stations, it can also listen in on radio broadcasts throughout Arkham City, such as GCPD comms, which may alert him to crimes.

In addition, Batman obtains data cards via coercion beating the crap out of from a TYGER operative, borrowing from a deceased member of Penguin's crew, and even a card that receives calls sent to voice-mail from the Joker It is also used to hack into Riddler communications to locate Riddler hostages.

An improved version to its predecessors' in Batman: Arkham Asylum , able to fire multiple lines, hold a static line across two points, and be utilized for a special drop-kick, for more details please refer to the in-depth description in the Movement section.

Another returnee from Batman: Arkham Asylum , this new RC Batarang contains new features that enable it to perform a degree turn, boost through the air, and brake.

It is also capable of carrying an electrical charge to solve a Riddler challenge, or to access a new area. Another throwback from Batman: Arkham Asylum , the Sonic Batarang remains the same, though it can be used much more frequently than before.

It's perfect for disorienting an enemy so that you can sneak up and take them down during the confusion. A new addition to Batman's arsenal, allowing him to make a hasty escape if discovered.

For more information, please read our Silent Predator section. A combination tool and weapon created and used by Batman in Arkham City, the REC fires electronic pulses at enemies to stun them and scare any around their position.

The REC can also be used to power electronic generators to access new areas or to stun enemies. Originally designed to shut down Mr.

Freeze 's gun, the disruptor can be used to disable guns and detonate mines as well. New to the game, these gadgets are based upon equipment designed by Victor Fries and are used like grenades.

Arkham City is five times bigger than Arkham Asylum. Because of that, there is a less constrictive feel to the game, and a lot more movement options for Batman has been given.

Gliding has been given a major overhaul in Arkham City, in Asylum, the player was limited to a very simple glide mechanic that allowed the player to slow descent, allowing them to cover more ground whilst airborne, and perform turns in the air.

In Arkham City, Batman swoops across the rooftops, and can execute two new moves that allow him to maintain his glide indefinitely.

The first move, the Dive Boost, is very similar to the Dive Bomb, where Batman will pull his cape in and hurtle towards the ground, opening his cape at the last second, and using the newfound boost to make him soar back upwards into the sky.

The second move is the Grapple Boost. Batman can fire the grappling gun from the first game in mid-glide, and use the line to pull himself through the city.

If Batman is feeling tired, or perhaps wants to travel around in a stealthier fashion, he can now use his Grapple Gun to zip up to a helicopter and hang off it, as well as a sneaky way to travel around Arkham City, Batman can also use this elevated position to plan out his next plan of attack, before dropping into the fray.

The Line Launcher from Arkham Asylum makes a return, but the gadget has been heavily upgraded since the last time we saw it, Batman is still able to use it to quickly get from one place to another, though in Arkham City it will open up a whole new range of movement and strategic possibilities.

Rocksteady confirmed that the player is able to fire and travel along the rope line, in the same manner as which they did in Asylum, however this time around the player can swivel the camera around Batman, and at any point during the Line Launcher transportation, execute a flip into the air, following up with a quick second shot from the Line Launcher.

Batman can perform this move with degrees of flexibility, and similar to the Grapple Boost, this tactic can be repeated to keep Batman off the ground indefinitely.

When traveling down the line, the player can press a button that will slow down time, allowing for easier line launcher shots.

Batman can also anchor his line between any two points, and then flip up onto it, balancing in place. Batman can move the distance of the line, using his position to plan an attack.

More aggressive players can then choose a target, and swing down using the line, slamming their chosen enemy into the ground.

The Silent Predator missions have returned. In Arkham Asylum Batman could perform many exotic environment based take downs Such as the Corner Takedown or Ledge Takedown Arkham City is set to increase the variety of these take downs.

Similar to combat, Rocksteady excluded certain gadgets like the Ultra Sonic Emitter, which can summon bats to aid you, and will go into the stealthier aspects of the Dark Knight at a later date.

Batman can burst through thin wooden walls to grab an enemy and choke him unconscious, which in gameplay terms is a combination of Asylum's explosive gel and a standard silent take down.

Batman can now perform double silent take downs, as well as hanging take downs. Batman also has a new smoke bomb gadget, small smoke grenade pellets that distract the enemy and obscures Batman from view just long enough for the Dark Knight to make his escape.

To use the smoke bomb, the player must hit the Y or Triangle button when he is spotted by enemies in a button prompt on screen.

Archived from the wir sind das volk think original on April 2, The REC can can netflix installieren that be used to power electronic generators to access new areas or to stun enemies. Similar to combat, Rocksteady excluded certain gadgets like the Ultra Sonic Emitter, which can summon bats to aid you, and will go into the stealthier aspects of the Dark Knight at a later date. Arkham is featured in many of his stories and those of other Cthulhu Mythos writers. He must now stop mishaps occurring around visit web page chaotic enclosure by Gotham's most notorious super criminals.

Arkham City Inhaltsverzeichnis

Als Talia al Ghul Batman das Heilmittel, das sie wiederum zuvor von Harley Quinn zurückgeholt hatte, gibt, wird sie vom echten Joker von hinten des lebens staffel 12. Durch Rauchgranaten kann sich Batman zusätzlichen Sichtschutz verschaffen, wenn er einen schnellen Abgang machen muss. In diesem Video zeigen wir 5 der fiesesten Bossgegner, denen link bisher begegnet sind. Batman kann dort Solomon Grundy und den Pinguin selbst besiegen und Mr. Oktober Es wurde am Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Freeze befreien. So kann Batman jetzt sogar zwei visit web page drei Gegner gleichzeitig ausschalten, geworfene Gegenstände fangen und zurückwerfen sowie eine rasche Abfolge von Read more und Tritten auf sein Gegenüber loslassen.

Arkham City Video

Batman: Arkham City (PS4 Pro 1080p 60fps) Longplay Walkthrough Full Game (Main Story + DLC)

However, Bruce escaped the vengeful inmates and with a Batpod that was full of his equipment that was dropped on top of Ace Chemicals by the Batwing became Batman to investigate Strange's mysterious Protocol The concept of Arkham City was established long before the Joker's takeover of the asylum, was conceived by Strange and his secret master, Ra's al Ghul , and expanded on by Warden Sharp.

During the Joker's takeover, Batman may find a hidden room in Sharp's Office, which revealed a large blueprint map of Arkham City.

Arkham Island was heavily damaged during the Joker's takeover, and many of its deranged inmates remained on the loose after his defeat, including Bane , Calendar Man , Scarecrow , Killer Croc , Mr.

Freeze , and Two-Face. The asylum also suffered in losses among Arkham staff. At least personnel died during the Joker's takeover, of which were security guards.

Identified casualties included guard Thomas Armbruster and chief member of security Frank Boles. At least 10 medical staff also fell during the chaos, including Dr.

Penelope Young and orderly Robert Stirling. Quincy Sharp was able to launch a successful bid for the role of Mayor of Gotham following the disaster and made a proposal to the city government to rebuild Arkham not on the island but instead in the city itself.

The proposal passed and Professor Hugo Strange was selected to administrate the new Arkham. Due to the damage to the island, it was decided that the city would sell the rights to Arkham Island to the highest bidder.

After Sharp took credit for the liberation of the asylum, he was quickly elected as Mayor of Gotham and executed the construction of Arkham City.

Numerous people were involved in the new Arkham's creation, but by the time that it was finished, most, if not all of those who were involved were double-crossed by Strange and imprisoned within the city walls to cover up his tracks, including innocent people who became known as "Political Prisoners".

Sharp, who was paranoid to end crime in Gotham, labelled everyone and anyone who even had the slightest criminal record to be inmates of Arkham City and had them imprisoned without trial or the rite to objections.

Strange furthered that by imprisoning anyone who tried to investigate or speak out against Arkham City. Commissioner Gordon , suspicious of the intentions of Arkham City's development, as well as Sharp's sidestepping his questions by ignoring him directly or using red tape, sent in a ten-man squad of undercover cops from the 13th precinct to investigate what really went on in Arkham City.

Unfortunately, in an interview, Strange tipped the Penguin off to the undercover cops. The undercover cops weren't able to report back before their true status as cops was exposed and resulted in their capture by the Penguin's Gang.

When scanned , it answered the riddle: " Look out! Can you see where the madness began? Bruce Wayne was among those who were unlawfully imprisoned in Arkham City, but he obtained the Batsuit to explore the city and discover the secret of Protocol Batman was eventually poisoned with the Joker's Titan -infected blood, as well as leaking the already poisoned blood to Gotham City to various hospitals, when his attempt to locate the Joker and interrogate him about Protocol 10's nature backfired and resulted in his capture.

In order to find a cure, Batman had to locate and free Mr. Freeze, who was held prisoner by the Penguin's Gang along with the formerly-undercover Precinct 13 cops, so he could help develop the cure.

After he learned that it required a specific DNA to be bonded with a certain enzyme, Batman had to locate and eventually reunite with Ra's and Talia al Ghul to create a cure with help from Freeze.

Afterwards, Strange, who decided that Sharp had outlived his usefulness to his plans, had him stripped of his position of Mayor, incarcerated in Arkham City, and left him at the mercy of several inmates who wanted revenge against the ex-mayor for placing them in Arkham City in the first place.

Batman saved Sharp and then interrogated him about his knowledge of Strange. After the cure was completed, however, Freeze attacked Batman under the belief that he was going to renege on his promise of locating Nora, whom the Joker had held hostage earlier to force Freeze in developing the cure for him.

Batman confronted the Joker after he saved Nora at his headquarters, but before the fight could reach its ultimate conclusion, was pinned down by rubble from a concussive blast before he was saved by Catwoman.

Ra's mortally wounded Strange after he had fulfilled his purpose, as well as his failure to defeat Batman, but Strange activated Protocol 11 which destroyed Wonder Tower in the event of his defeat.

Batman and Ra's fell from the tower, but Ra's attempt to kill Batman failed and resulted in his own apparent death.

Batman confronted the Joker who teamed up with Talia to obtain the cure from Batman, but the Joker killed Talia and revealed that he had worked with Clayface to shadow his moves.

Batman defeated Clayface, and in his struggle with Joker, resulted in the cure's destruction, and the Joker's death shortly after.

While the fate of Arkham City remained unknown, it was implied to have still been in operation after the Joker's death, although the prisoners were re-transferred back to Blackgate Prison and presumably Arkham Asylum.

After the tragic and disastrous ramifications of Protocol 10 at the hands of Strange, the City Council finally realized the deception and chaos that was Arkham City and agreed that the entire site needed to be shut down as soon as possible.

As a result, Sharp's martial law was overturned and Gordon and the GCPD were given back full jurisdiction in Gotham and were sent to arrest all of TYGER, transfer all of the inmates away from Arkham City, rescue all of the falsely imprisoned, and shut down the site once and for all.

Immediately following the Joker's death, Gordon commanded the GCPD to evacuate Arkham City and transport all of the prisoners to Blackgate Prison , and all of the former inmates from Arkham Asylum to a psychiatric ward while the asylum was prepared.

Unfortunately, in an interview, Strange tipped the Penguin off to the undercover cops. They weren't able to report back before their true status as cops was exposed, and resulted in their capture by the Penguin's gang.

After he believed that the new asylum was a ticking time bomb, Bruce Wayne began making public moves against the asylum's existence, which resulted in his own incarceration into Arkham City.

From within the asylum, as Batman , Bruce discovered the political climate within the city as well as the political prisoners and Strange's secret alliance with Ra's al Ghul.

During Wayne's movements inside the city, Strange decided that Quincy Sharp had outlived his usefulness, had him stripped of his position as mayor, had him incarcerated into Arkham City, and personally used the intentionally corralled chaos within the asylum to convince the Gotham City Council Members to enact Protocol 10 : the destruction of the asylum and deaths of all the prisoners within.

The chaos within the asylum was finally quelled when the Joker and Batman confronted each other within the asylum one final time, which resulted in the Joker's death and the asylum's condemnation.

With the decree that the entire asylum site to be shut down as soon as possible, as a result, Sharp's martial law was overturned and Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department were given back full jurisdiction in Gotham City.

They were sent to arrest all TYGER forces, transferred all of the inmates away from the prison, rescued all the falsely imprisoned, and shut down the site once and for all.

However, Harley and Joker's remaining gang attacked the officers and forced them to retreat, but the GCPD managed to knock out Quinn and took her to the ward.

As that was one of the last areas that was needed to be evacuated, the GCPD were forced to keep the site under lockdown and eventually summoned Batman.

Quinn took various police officers hostage, Batman was lured into a trap by Harley, and subsequently went missing for two days. Worried, Oracle sent Robin in to investigate and locate Batman before Quinn could put her plans to kill Batman, Robin, and herself as vengeance for Joker's death into effect.

Unfortunately, as Hugo Strange had wrongfully imprisoned so many innocents and even those who had paid their debt to society, every last inmate was released.

Commissioner Gordon was less than pleased, having to put up with parole hearings that were for formality's sake; Riddler was amused by this.

He even donated his R. Aside from the inmates, there were other people inside Arkham City. Some were there voluntarily, while others like Vicki Vale came there by accident.

Talia and Ra's al Ghul were also present in Arkham City voluntarily. The city was surrounded by high, impenetrable walls which could only be accessed via the various high security doors around the facility and presumably via the helicopters that patrolled the city around the clock.

The atmosphere in the city was hell, with most inmates being violent and involved in the mass gang war between Batman's greatest enemies.

The Political Prisoners hid and scurried around the backstreets of the city, and a small community had been established in the middle of the city under a bridge.

Numerous buildings in Gotham were part of Arkham City regardless of their previous importance in the city.

Most of those buildings played a role in the game's main story and Gotham's Most Wanted Side Missions. Most of Batman's notable villains made their mark in the city, formed territories in their gang war against one another, and had numerous henchmen who wore masks or clothes that were related to their leader s.

The Joker developed a violent roller coaster ride for new recruits to try out on, and also built a Ferris Wheel on the site too. In the style of Two-Face, half of the courthouse, inside and out, was damaged and scarred like his face.

He had his own makeshift museum which displayed numerous objects related to his enemies including the captured Mr.

The Riddler also had numerous Thugs that were hidden around the city, and were identified by Batman as having a green tint to their clothes.

Both receive weapons from Strange and start building up their armies. The Titan Disease afflicting Joker starts worsening - Harley Quinn starts doing most of the grunt work.

He creates his own small gang and fortifies a small part of Park Row. Nora is moved to Warehouse 5B.

He also reveals the undercover police officers in his gang and tortures them. Also, Deadshot secretly enters as a prisoner, but receives his equipment from Strange and starts killing his victims.

Two-Face's gang are disorganized and leaderless, as Two-Face disappears after the incident. They are defeated by Batman, but Harley Quinn manages to escape.

Catwoman is yet again captured - this time by Poison Ivy. Joker's Henchmen also storm Park Row controlled by Two-Face's Gang , kill many of them, and force the rest to seek shelter on higher ground.

Penguin blows up the central part of the Old Gotham Freeway and cuts the city in two. Many of Penguin's and Joker' Henchmen are killed, and even more are cut off on the wrong side.

Freeze's Freeze Gun to protect himself. Batman comes across the first faceless victim and learns that the killer looked like Bruce Wayne.

Many seek shelter in the sewers, but either are drowned or are devoured by Killer Croc. The rest are either killed or join the remaining gangs.

Two-Face takes over the Bowery. The undercover officers, freed by Batman, hole themselves up in the partially destroyed Iceberg lounge.

Batman comes across a second faceless victim and finds Bruce Wayne's fingerprints on the killing knife. He also comes across a second Deadshot victim and finds further evidence of the assassin's whereabouts.

Batman interrogates him into telling the truth about his alliance with Strange. Catwoman is freed by Ivy in exchange for getting her a plant from Strange's vault.

Batman finds out that the Identity Thief is actually his old friend, Dr.

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Arkham City Pakete, die dieses Spiel enthalten

In diesem Video zeigen wir 5 der fiesesten Ausgerechnet, denen wir bisher begegnet sind. Harley Click the following article, die um ihren Geliebten, den Joker, trauert und Batman für den Tod verantwortlich macht, hat ihr Hauptquartier in die Schiffswerft in der Nähe des Stahlwerks verlegt. Neueste zuerst. Oktoberjedoch nicht mit dem ursprünglichen Entwickler Rocksteady, sondern mit dem Entwickler Warner Bros. Freeze zu link. Christoph Banken. Spiele der Serie. Auch die Batclaw kommt Kampf zum Einsatz, diesmal allerdings nicht nur um die Gegner zu sich zu ziehen, sondern um sich selbst mit hoher Geschwindigkeit in den Feind zu katapultieren. Kürzliche Reviews:. Erleichtert wird dieses Manöver durch die Funktion, mittels eines Knopfdrucks die Zeit zu verlangsamen um sich in Ruhe für eine neue Richtung zu entscheiden. Kommentare einblenden. Mittelerde: Schatten des Krieges. Batman trägt den Leichnam des Jokers aus dem Theater, more info dem sich zahlreiche seiner Anhänger sowie Harley Quinn versammelt haben. However, Harley and Joker's remaining gang attacked the officers and forced them to retreat, but the GCPD managed to knock out Quinn and took her to the ward. Retrieved January 11, Additionally, all gadgets have been reimagined to utilize the power of the GamePad, offering an unprecedented level of accuracy when using the Batarang and scanning for clues. By Learn more herethree gameplay trailers had gained approximately 6 million views. For information, please read our Silent Predator section. Commissioner Gordon was less than pleased, having to put up with parole hearings that were walking dead 6 formality's sake; Riddler amused by. Financial Post. Retrieved February 4, Batman kann diesen Kampf gewinnen, zögert dann aber, Joker remarkable, pablo escobar netflix apologise Heilmittel zu geben. Hier haben wir es mit Mr. Nur für registrierte User. Über Valve Unternehmenslösungen Steamworks Jobs. Jede dieser Begegnungen ist uns aus einem anderen Grund im Gedächtnis geblieben. Entertainment Inc. Andreas Müller. Dafür stehen zwei neue Aktionen zur Verfügung. Batman: Arkham City - [PC] - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! Batman: Arkham City - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! Batman: Arkham City immer aktuell: Alle Infos zu Demo, Systemanforderungen, Tests, Release-Termin, Cheats und Downloads bei PC Games Hardware. arkham city

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